Translation is written, while interpretation is verbal. In both cases, the translator/interpreter must accurately convey information from the original language (source language) to the desired language (target language).


Not necessarily. While this is an obvious prerequisite, translators and interpreters must also undergo significant training and preparation in order to develop the mental skill, verbal ability, and vocabulary that is necessary to adequately perform in the field. For example, a person who plays the piano is not necessarily a concert pianist.

Legal interpreting is particularly demanding due to the immense amount of specialized vocabulary (known as “legalese”) and the potential impact it may have on a legal decision or verdict. Hence, it is very important that only qualified interpreters and translators assume this role. An under-qualified interpreter that is inaccurate or incomplete in their communication of the source message could have a devastating effect on the potential outcome of any legal case.

Having recognized this, the Supreme Court of the State of Florida issued an (Administrative Order) in December of 2011 implementing the report submitted by the Commission on Trial Court Performance and Accountability, entitled Approved Court Interpreting General Recommendations, Standards of Operation and Best Practices, which establishes important guidelines for the use of certified and qualified interpreters in the courtrooms. i2i Languages, Inc. firmly supports the efforts of the Consortium for State Court Interpreter Certification to establish higher standards for legal interpreting.


The purpose of translating or interpreting anything is to be able to communicate with someone who does not speak the same language as you do. In today’s increasingly globalized community, the capacity to be able to reach people of different cultures can be a very worthwhile asset to you and your company. Not only are businesses connecting across national boundaries, thanks to the information revolution, but they are also connecting here in the United States. The Hispanic demographic market share is increasing faster than any other, presenting new business opportunities for those with the proper communication tools.

Whether your goal is to offer services to a wider range of clients, to reach a new markets locally, to expand your business horizons beyond U.S. borders, or to simply have a better understanding with your service providers or employees, it is important to speak their language, and to speak it properly.


Choose i2i Languages, Inc. because of our commitment to quality, our professional experience, and our willingness to always work with our clients’ needs. The extensive network of quality service providers that we have built over the years ensures that we will be able to find the language professional you need for your project or meeting. We make sure that all of our language professionals have the qualifications and training necessary for the job they are assigned to, and that every written translation is carefully crafted and revised through our multi-step peer review process, never relying on machines.


“I just wanted to drop a short note to say thank you. My first experience was several years ago and that was with Eddy. I was immediately impressed with his professional demeanor and the way he conducted himself. Over the past few years that I have worked with i2i Languages, I could not ask for people who are more professional and willing to assist me whenever the occasion arose. They have always been there timely and have helped me enormously. The language service they have provided is next to none. I have had to use other services, out of their given area, but the impression I received from the others was no way as positive as the service I have received from i2i Languages. We look forward working with i2i Languages for many more years because they have proven themselves as the ultimate in their field. Again, thank you for all you have done and we look forward continuing our working relationship in the future.”

Jerry Robinson, CPCLA
Case Manager
North Central Florida Claims Service

“As former assistant director to a program serving hundreds of families across the state of Florida, finding i2i Languages provided the translation and interpretive interface we needed with our many families from differing cultural backgrounds. The nature of our program involves serving families of children with disabilities and requires rigid medical accuracy, strict confidence as well as gentle interpersonal empathy. The i2i Languages team provides all of these with a perfect balance of professionalism. Their willingness to travel and their ability to provide translations within our needed time frame has made a huge difference in our ability to serve our families. We don’t know how we ever managed before! I highly recommend i2i Languages to anyone seeking translation and interpretation services. PS–Newly retired, I also personally needed translation services for my medical records while moving to a foreign country. i2i Languages went above and beyond to assist me with these records and I can’t thank them enough. Working with them continues to be a pleasure.”

Ann P. Welch
Former Program Assistant Director
UF PEDS, Retired.

“I have used i2i Languages for many years in my hand therapy practice. We have been very pleased with the skills and professionalism shown our patients. They have assured both patient and medical staff that vital information is translated accurately resulting in optimal care. We will continue to call i2i Languages for our communication needs.”

Rachel Williams, OTR, CHT
Director of Hand Therapy
The Orthopaedic Institute